Urgent! $ Available from EAP

The EAP2014 announces 3 funding opportunities Murray Canal district should tap immediately.

  • Parks Canada Infrastructure Funding: $391.5M over 5 years. (Bridges, Roads, Canals)
  • Recreational Fisheries Partnerships – Working with committed citizens groups.
  • National Trails Coalition Partnership


The following excerpt from the introduction of Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2014 announced yesterday highlights funding opportunities the Murray Canal District should tap immediately.

Our Government is committed to protecting Canada’s environment. And that commitment is evident in our ongoing investment in
National Parks. In fact, since coming to office we have added more than 160,000 square kilometres to our National
Parks and marine conservation system. These priceless natural and historical places are a spectacular legacy for our children and we must ensure they remain pristine.

The Budget Speech

I am pleased to announce that our Government is investing to maintain these national treasures for the next generation to enjoy. We will make substantial investments through Parks Canada to improve the highways, bridges and dams located in our National Parks and along our historic canals.

We know partnering with committed citizen groups can make conservation dollars stretch farther. That’s why we introduced the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program, which doubled the impact of every dollar invested inits first year.
Today we are increasing our commitment to protect even more sensitive fish habitat in the future.

Canada is blessed with a network of recreational trails that allow Canadians to connect with nature all year round.
It pleases me to announce that our Government will partner with the National Trails Coalition to make this recreational experience even better, fulfilling another of our 2011 platform commitments.