Remove Red Tape Barriers to Protecting Shoreline Property: Jan. 18th/2020 Meeting Minutes

Notes from our Jan 18th, meeting at the Timber House Resort

Attended by:

Denise and Chris Frazer, Charlene Marcus, George Cote, Maria Healey, Bill Andrews, B. J. Buessecker, Maryanne Lightfoot, Dave Dingle

Presented at the meeting:

Our expedited shoreline approvals request letter to the Conservation Authorities with copies to Mayors, Councillors, and MPP’s was sent on Jan 15th. It is attached below. Thanks to Wood Plc. for their kind support.

Mayors seeking flooding help at ROMA 2020.

Conference news article.

Letter to Neil Ellis from John Carusone.

Canal District Flyer re expedited shoreline approvals drafts and our petition.

Discussions/Actions during the meeting:

– Reviewed the contents of the letter to the Conservation Authorities.

– Reviewed the flyer document drafts prepared by Charlene and Irene.

– Discussed the discrepancy in permit fees across the two local Conservation Authorities.

– Discussed the upcoming Jan 23rd, 2020 United Shorelines meeting at 6pm in Brighton at the Christian Reformed Church, 204 Main Street. As many people as possible are encouraged to come. We’ve asked for a minute on the agenda, but haven’t heard anything back.

– Discussed our next planned actions as follows:

  • Meet the two Conservation Authority CAO’s to review our expedited shoreline approvals request letter on Jan. 22nd at 1PM in Quinte CA offs.
  • The attendees coming to the CA meeting will pick the most suitable flyer draft and have it printed in colour with either 500 or 1000 copies, deepending on the cost which we agreed to fund across our Jan 18 attendees group (others welcome to chip in!)
  • We’ll be at the United Shorelines Flood Talk meeting to hand out the flyers and to, hopefully, have a moment on the agenda to inform the audience about group concurrent permit shoreline approvals
  • Update the website to prominently feature our petition.

There was much more discussed at the meeting, but these are the key points we pulled together with the time available. Additions and other notes would be appreciated if anyone wishes to send some.

Post meeting notes:
Attending at the Conservation Authority this afternoon:- Dave Dingle, Don Bonter, Chris Frazer, John Carusone, and possibly, George Cote.

Brighton Councillor Doug LeBlanc texted to let us know that our red-tape reduction/bulk permit advocacy was discussed at the ROMA conference. We seem to be making headway.

MPP Todd Smith sent his regrets, via David Joyce, Director of Riding Affairs, as he is unable to attend the CA meeting today. He asked we keep him informed as to our progress.

Additions/Changes/Edits to the above are very-much appreciated. 
Thanks again to those attending.

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