Remove Red Tape Barriers to Protecting Shoreline Property: Jan. 11th/2020 Meeting Minutes

Hi All,
Here are our notes from yesterday’s meeting. Please let us know if any questions, corrections, changes or additions are needed:
These will be posted on the site as well. Please also forward as you wish.

In Attendance: Irene Miller, Charlene Rivais, Maryanne Lightfoot, Denise Frazer, BJ Buessecker, Michel Walkau, Dave Dingle. Regrets: Don Bonter

Updates since last meeting:
Jan. 4th Meeting Minutes sent out – copied to MPP’s and Mayors

Petition written and posted – 245 signatures as of today   Here’s the link for the petition:

Spoke with Mayor Harrison – good support from him for our initiative
John Martinello discussion – spoke with him – he indicated there is a $153k annual for Brighton cost of LTRCA, presumably proportionally higher for Quinte West etc.
Made initial contact with Chief Don Maracle’s office and Tyendinaga, Mohawks, asked for support of our petition and to review our initiatives with them, awaiting response 
Don Bonter, has made Initial contacts with offices of MPP Todd Smith and Daryl Kramp, spoken with Daryl and spoke with Todd’s office manager, with some downloading of our concerns already completed on Friday Jan. 10, 2020
Follow-up with Wood Engineering – and two senior engineers there, Ty Garde, Nathan Hellinga – will be drafting a draft note of our proposed communication to the LTRCA regarding possible tactics to expedite approvals.

Discussions during the meeting:
Funding – Some attendees raised a concern that Provincial govt Conservation Authority funding cuts are imminent. Is something being planned that will further delay approvals and permitting? 
Some attendees raised a concern about the new Ontario IJC rep.  Is Bill Reilich the rep for Ontario on IJC? Apparently he’s American from Greecetown NY? How are Ontario properties being championed on the IJC? Question for Jan 23rd meeting.. see below.
Discussed CA bulk (group) permit opportunities for neighbourhood shoreline areas with careful articulation of safety concerns that may enable quicker engineering study turnaround at lower costs. 
Discussed: Are LRTCA ‘group’ appeals possible (appeals of decisions, appeals of permit fees, etc.)
Discussed: multiplier-effect actions that allow us to amplify our message and rapidly build groups and participation – reach out other groups to share contacts, ask for petition support and ask for time on group agendas, please see below.
Discussed: Participation in Brighton Flood Meeting on Jan. 23rd – getting formal standing would be good – see below

Actions from the meeting:
Action:  Irene, Charlene and Denise: Flyer creation and distribution.
Action: Charlene and Mary Anne Lightfoot – contact United Shoreline 
Action: Health and Safety risks: Contamination of drinking water, Sewer line backup, PTSD, heart failure during sandbagging operations, 
Action: Charlene: propose Delegation for Jan 23rd meeting
Action: Dave Let everyone know about MPP meeting so someone can join me
Action: Dave request LTRCA meeting
Action: All: research are there any buyout provisions applicable for endangered properties 

Next meeting Jan. 18 2pm @ Timber House