Welcome to the Historic Murray Canal District

Historic Murray Canal District Logo

The Historic Murray Canal District (HMCD) is a non-profit group focused on improving quality of life in the area of the Murray Canal and thereby in the three municipalities that intersect in the Murray Canal District. Our key initiatives:

  • Sign our “Remove red-tape barriers to protecting shoreline property from Lake Ontario spring floods” petition: Here it is: Change.org
  • We’re advocating now for Expedited Emergency Shoreline  Protection measures. Please see our most recent Jan. 27th meeting notes here.   Join us for our next emergency meeting at February 17th @ 7pm at the Timber House Resort. Hope you can support us!
  • Holding fun heritage celebrations to re-connect residents and visitors to the District’s nationally significant heritage.  Through these efforts we hope to elevate the heritage status of the Parks Canada Murray Canal to help ensure a fair share of existing funding from the Federal Government. Our first heritage celebration marked the 125th Anniversary of the Canal’s opening.
  • Advocating for funding for a 2 Lane Replacement Brighton Swing Bridge.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
  • Working as a trusted partner of Parks Canada, Federal, Provincial, County & 3 Municipal Governments.