Hi All,
Here are the minutes from our Feb 17th Meeting:
Present: Linda Zekveld, Tom Zekveld, Christie Emmett, Roger Emmett, Grace MacDonald, Orv Francescone, Chris Frazer, Denise Frazer, Brian Hardcastle, George Cote, George Novotny, Robert Hunt. Regrets: Charlene Rivais
Discussion topics:
Support for the Brighton Council MotionReviewed the wording for our Motion Support Message for the Feb. 18th Brighton Council Motion to investigate costs of retaining a flood mitigation expert/team.After discussion with the attendees we agreed to present the Motion Support Message (following final preparation) as an HMCD delegation to Council the following night (last night).Following our discussion in the meeting, I also reviewed the motion support message with the LTRCA CAO and amended it slightly prior to presenting it to council.The final version of the motion support document that I left with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and each of the Councillors is attached here.
Coordination with other groupsWe discussed other groups like the Wellers Bay Shoreline Protection Group. A couple of members were present at the meeting. These folks mentioned a third group (name?) that may be working with similar interests to the advocacy work HMCD is doing on removing red tape from shoreline protection work. We agreed to share our minutes and communications with a view to coordinating effort where possible.  
Membership, Participation and FundingWe discussed getting new directors and possibly, a new chair person if someone would like to take this role. Robert Hunt offered to take on membership establishment, possibly with something more formal than our current site registration. Grace MacDonald also offered to assist from time to time.
Other Items to Add?These are limited notes due to time pressures. If there are any correction or if theres anything else we should add, please let me know.
Post Meeting Notes:
Flyer for the petition (petition is at 400 signatures now btw and counting)Charlene Rivais spent money and a bunch of time on printing our petition flyer that we’ve put up around the area and also handed out at the United Shoreline meetings, to very good effect. At a meeting back in early January, the folks attending offered to share the costs for this. I think the cost was around $200. Charlene I have $20.00 for you when I see you next. 🙂
HMCD Delegation to the Feb 18. Brighton Council MeetingI presented our Motion Support Message to the council and answered a number of questions from Councillors Bateman and Leblanc. The questions were quite useful, specifically illustrating the reason skilled flood mitigation expert/team input has great potental to expedite permitting.I had to leave before the motion was voted, but have heard from Councillor Bateman and Leblanc the flood mitigation expert costs motion was passed. We’re very thankful for the Mayor & Council’s leadership on this very important issue. This is great news and can open the door into a next dialog with CA leadership to see what can be done to move ahead from here.
Next Meeting: TBDLooking forward to all comments and suggestions.DaveTel 416-576-1691