Remove Red Tape Barriers: Flood Expert Team Pilot Discussion & Mar. 1, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Hi All,
Here are the meeting notes and completed actions from our meeting yesterday:
Meeting was started at 2PM. 
Attending:Chris Frazer, Nigel Retford. Pat Wright, Charlene Marcus, George Cote, Marlis and George Wand, Richard and Lisa Monzma, Grace MacDonald, Orv Francescone, Peter Kennedy

Discussion per the meeting notice:
Discussed and prepare some next steps to conduct a pilot process of a ‘red-tape eliminated’ flood mitigation ‘expert-supported‘ permitting application. 
1. Propose a pilot project with the two local Conservation Authorities where the permit fees for an appropriately selected group of participants (from our members or broader, according to criteria we’ve been discussing – no-brainer situations for the most part) are waived and instead applied to hire a flood mitigation expert.
2. Approach the two municipalities to support the effort, either directly and financially, or by encouraging the two CA’s per point (1) above.
3. Approach our two engineering firms (Wood PLC and /or Baird) to tentatively retain one of them, using the saved permit fees, to do this flood mitigation expert work, assuming we can get the CA’s to support this.
4. Hire the flood mitigation expert to expeditiously assist the participants to make a concurrent applications for shoreline work permits for all participants.  
There was broad general acceptance of the steps above. Wording, setting up on the website of a form to solicit participation, and a status update to our petition website were suggested as next steps and accepted.
Pilot group activities discussed:- concurrent group permitting – how this can be used to manage Flood Mitigation Expert efficiency and cost and also how it might improve CA efficiency   – MPAC discussion – how can this pilot group address property tax relief as a funding mechanism, or at least some relief from the cost of assessments that are actually escalating- take action to assembler a list of tentative participants with civic addresses and a questionnaire- take action to get a Cost from Engineering firms – get a quote – Post meeting note: Done – requested from Baird- Inform CA’s and invite them to a meeting to move ahead with making a contribution – TBD- Application deadline a couple of days before Brighton council meeting on Mar 17 – Sun 15th- Develop our flood relief expert permitting application process business case for Muni/CA etc consumption- ask Muni’s and CA’s for assistance – – Consider messaging and steps to obtain constructive responses to our funding requests – 
Other discussions:
Charlene has most of her money back. Except from me, I forgot to give it to her at the end of the meeting. I’m good for it Charlene! BTW: There are still lots of sign-the-petition flyers at the Timber House Resort front desk for anyone who wants to distribute them. We now have close to 500 supporters that we can reach via updates that we post to this petition sign-up group. This is invaluable in getting the word out now to close to 700 people who want to hear more and will know others who would benefit from participating with us. 
Post meeting notes:
A petition update has gone out with an invitation to join our pilot group and instructions on how to do so (by signing up at If you’e signed the petition, you should receive this update by now. Please let us know if not.
Proposed wording for the Pilot Group and a form to capture sign-ups, including lot number/concession number and past CA interactions is up now on the website. See
Please let us know by ‘cc-all’ if you see any issues with the wording; the operation of the form; or how the thing supports our discussed action plan.
Thanks,Dave DingleTel 416-576-1691