Call to Action on February 23, 2014

February 23, 2014 2PM at Timber House Resort
Come to the founding meeting.

It is as important today to our health, prosperity and position in the world as it was 200 years ago.

Today, it offers a fantastic opportunity to dramatically improve quality-of-life for it’s residents and the vitality of the entire region of the three counties of which it is physically a hub.

‘It’ is the Murray Canal District, an area centered along the path of the Murray Canal, and extending a number of kilometers from there to the south and north. It straddles the boundaries of three counties and three municipalities. The Murray Canal running through its center is a federally administered, Parks Canada-operated domain.

200 years ago it was known as the Murray Isthmus. Then it was strategic to commerce, navigation and defence. Today it is just as strategic to taking our three-county region’s economic development, tourism and environmental health to the next level.

Accidents of history have imposed confusing political boundaries that limit and complicate achievement of our district’s true potential.

Political fragmentation is a leading contributor to our current significant problems with infrastructure, services, environmental health and economic development.  Political fragmentation is a barrier to improving quality of life for our residents and enriching the experiences of our visitors.

The non-profit, non-governmental, Murray Canal District Organization is a means to harness our collective voices and will to resolve our current problems and to overcome barriers to achieving the full potential of our area.  Please join and support us as a founding member!

Our Organizing Meeting is Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 2PM at the Timber House Resort, 116 Cedardale Road, Brighton ON.

Email us or call 613-475-3304 for more information.