Troubled Bridge over Murray Canal Waters

We are very troubled about plans for a replacement bridge over the Murray Canal. We ask all who read this to share it and encourage as many people as possible to help get these plans changed!
The declining West Murray Canal (Brighton) swing bridge is about to be replaced with an inadequate bridge. The Federal Government has announced $4.6M in funding for a replacement bridge. The replacement bridge is apparently a single lane bridge with traffic control lights and a pedestrian lane.
The bridge is owned and operated by Parks Canada as part of the of the Murray Canal.
The Murray Canal District Organization has expressed its concerns about the specifics of the proposed new bridge and about the lack of public consultation in the process of identifying the requirements for the new bridge leading to the announcement.
It is our opinion a single lane replacement bridge would be devastating to the local economy, agriculture and tourism. It would severely impact quality of life and it would further impair the operation and viability of the entire Trent-Severn Waterway system.
While we deeply appreciate the provision of the funding by the Federal Government, we believe the project should be suspended to allow for a public consultation leading to establishment of plans and funding for the right bridge. We have expressed these concerns and our request for suspension of the existing project in official correspondence to the three local municipalities within the Murray Canal District.
MP Rick Norlock has expressed his concern and support for our efforts to influence the plans for the bridge. MP Norlock has arranged a public meeting April 23rd at 6:30 PM in Quinte West Council Chambers. Parks Canada staff will be on hand to discuss the plans.
Please attend this meeting and get your friends and neighbours to come too!