Rural Broadband Crisis: Money Is Available Now!

Do you know millions of dollars are available to help solve our rural broadband crisis? We just have to make sure we get it! There is funding available to bring real, high performance broadband to 8 hamlet areas across Brighton and Quinte West. With this money we can bring some of the world’s fastest Internet to every home and business in Quinte West and Brighton.

Eight hamlet areas that can get money to get on the Internet backbone right now!: Lovett, Twelve O'Clock Point, Hilton, Spring Valley, Gosport, Stockdale, Batawa, Wallbridge
Money is available right now to help solve our rural broadband crisis!

But, the truth is, we can’t rely on profit motivated businesses to look out for our entire community and expect it to work well over time, especially for those who cost the most to serve. That’s what we have today. Ultimately, and quite quickly, not serving all, not serving all equally well quickly brings disadvantage to all, not just the remote.

As a matter of policy, we must take control of our future and take on the challenge of bringing our most distant and remote properties online with the same highest speed, best capacity broadband service at the same price for all. We must do so at the same price for the most remote and hardest to serve and for our most urban and easiest to connect. By approaching it this way we create the greatest common good. This is why a public road with two houses is built to the same standard as one with twenty or a hundred, as much as possible. The good news is its more possible and more beneficial to do it the same way for broadband.

Its being done elsewhere and it can be done here. If we do it well and soon, we will greatly improve our competitiveness and quality of life for all our residents and businesses.

Want to help make it happen? Contact Dave Dingle at 416-576-1691 or Come on!