Good News Almost

Two ‘almost’ good news stories from the past week. Both are exciting but both are only ‘almost’ good news stories that need clarification before we can really get excited:

1. Brighton Council Committee of the Whole Recommends 2014 Budget Increase to Repair/Reconstruct Stony Point Rd. S. and Shoal Point Rd. Over 2014/15
Almost good news because this is only a recommendation. Council will receive and vote on the recommendation tomorrow night, March 17th, 2014. It is not guaranteed to be carried! If you can, come to the Council Meeting at 6:30pm to let them know your vote in the next council election matters and will be swayed by their decision on this!

2. New Brighton Swing Bridge?
In an announcement on Friday, March 14th, 2014, Dr. Colin Carrie – the Parliamentary Secretary to Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, with Daryl Kramp, Member of Parliament for Prince Edward Hastings – announced a $58 Million investment in new Trent Severn Waterway projects over the next two years.
The investments include $4.6 Million for the County Road 64 swing bridge across the Murray Canal. No specifics were given as to whether the purpose of the funds is to replace or repair the bridge. No specifics were given as to timing of these expenditures.
There are other funds mentioned in the announcement and planned for repairs to retaining walls. No specifics as to whether these amounts may apply to the retaining walls around the County Road 64 swing bridge.
The announcement was carried on various news services.
This sounds very promising, but its only ‘almost’ good news because the details and scope of the investment is unclear.
When will this work be done? Is this a new bridge? (Some reports suggest it is.) If so, will there be a bridge closure while the new bridge is being built? What else is being considered? Can we influence the scope of other work to be done?
We’ll be meeting with MP Rick Norlock in the near future to hear his perspective on the announcement and any further details he has available. We are looking forward to these discussions and very much appreciate his interest in our organization and the opportunity to work together to improve the Murray Canal District.