Brighton Council Approved Repairs to Our Road

Last night, Brighton Municipal Council approved the budget increase to repair and reconstruct Stony Point Rd. S. and Shoal Point Rd. We were there to see it through. Now we can turn our attention to timing and sweating the details 🙂
Council was gracious in recognizing our MCDO lobbying efforts and devoted a fair amount of time to discussing how best to work with us and support our efforts.
We are very appreciative and thankful for Council’s unanimous support of the need to fix our roads. We are also very appreciative of the support of all who attended the meeting, including our members and residents, but particularly those from further afield.
Tax increases are never welcome and there was much discussion about the need for an increase and the priorities implied by the budget choices. This led to a split 4-3 vote by the councillors and mayor in favour of approving the budget with the increase for our road repairs included. The split vote only highlights the difficult choices the budgeting process required.
We look forward to working constructively with Brighton Council in the coming months and years to assist with these difficult choices to the betterment of our community as a whole and the broader Murray Canal District Tri-County Hub.